Curso Pré-Congresso - Programa Preliminar

Tema: SPECT Pulmonar


Secretariat opening and welcoming of participants


Greetings and Opening of the Course

10:00 - 13:00  

Theoretical Sessions about V/P Lung SPECT:

1. Clinical relevance of the technique, advantages, limitations, comparison with other imaging modalities

2. Clinical settings: PTE and other clinical applications besides PTE

3. V/P Lung SPECT Methodology

4. Skane University Hospital (Sweden) experience

5. Recent advances / latest relevant articles in literature



14:30 - 17:30  

Pratical Sessions:

1. Software presentation and demonstration

2. Presentation of several clinical cases in different clinical settings (with enfasis on PTE). Participants will have access to the raw images of the acquisitions in the Pcs available (3 participants per PC) and then be instructed how to process and analyze the images and then make the report.

Máximo de participantes: 30

O curso pré-congresso será ministrado em inglês.

Patrocínio: ISODER



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